Our capacity is about 20 million bags per month at present.


We use machines produced by worldwide leaders of packing branch, we have the fastest heat sealers available on the market now. Modern equipment enables creating a price-attractive offer with keeping a very high quality as well.


We offer bags ventilated with the use of holes with 4 mm in diameter(macro-ventilation) as well as perforated with the use of hot needles(micro-ventilation). The size of bags allows to pack varied products: from single rolls or pastries to bread loaves of over 1 kg weight.

okrągłe rogiścięte rogizakładka

Film used for production of bags comes from reputable European producers. We use special winter film providing a significantly bigger resistance to low temperature. In a standard way we use film of 25 micron thick, but to client’s order we offer bags from 20, 30 & 35 micron film.  

20 micron film perfectly turns out to be useful in manual packing and with the use of blowing devices. 25 micron film fully meets requirements of fast packing machines. 35 micron film and special paints make product pasteurization possible.